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Left MEPs support hunger strike against Petrobras


Uruguayan gas workers in protest over job cuts and abusive practices

Left MEPs support hunger strike against Petrobras

Left MEPs have co-signed a letter in support of the Uruguayan workers who have gone on hunger strike for over 25 days against the petroleum giant, PETROBRAS

They work for MontevideoGas - a subsidiary of the Brazilian multinational - which is a gas distribution company in the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo. They have been protesting against planned job cuts and the parent's company's abusive practices - notably Petrobras's $170 million lawsuit against the Uruguay government. 

You can read the MEPs' letter in Spanish and in English. which call for a swift resolution to the disputes and that energy service is a public good, and any agreements with the Uruguyan state must be respected and upheld.  

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