Another Europe is possible

The People

As the only confederal group in the European Parliament, our group of 52 Members, from 14 European Member states and 19 political parties, deliberately brings together the different traditions, experiences and political understandings of left forces in the EU. Our Nordic representatives constitute a specific component but are also perfectly integrated into the life of the group.

The MEPS >

But the work of our MEPs would not be possible without the support of the secretariat, whose overall aim is to ensure the smooth daily operation of the Group, in accordance with the political decisions and guidelines set out by the MEPs.

The Staff >

The secretariat's multicultural and multilingual staff hails from countries all across the EU and even some outside. Its main roles are to advise Members in terms of policy research and strategy in their work on Parliamentary Committees and in plenary sessions; organise Group, Bureau, and Coordinators meetings, seminars and conferences in both Brussels and Strasbourg as well as further afield; and build and maintain relationships with citizens, the press, trade unions and NGOs in order to communicate on the Group's positions and policy priorities.

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