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The GUE/NGL group values diversity and welcomes applications from all sections of the community

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Temporary Agent posts (indefinite duration) in the GUE/NGL Group are always advertised on this site.

The requirements for each vacancy will be clearly set out in each notice.
Normally, we will examine all applications and select between three and five for interview including oral and written tests.
There is no point in submitting a spontaneous application for a Temporary Agent post.

Contract Agent posts (fixed term and, usually, short term) often arise on an ad hoc basis to meet an immediate need.
Interested and qualified candidates (a two-year post-secondary diploma or a second-level qualification plus three years relevant professional experience is the absolute minimum) are invited to submit a EuroPass CV (2-3 pages) plus a motivation letter (one page) to
In the Subject line, using up to 25 character spaces, describe the position/policy area you are suited to. E.g., Accountant, Bookkeeper, International Affairs, Social policy, Secretary etc.
You will receive an automated response but we will not be able to engage in any exchange beyond that because our resources simply do not allow it.

To facilitate the automated response, please use a private external email address. We can't arrange a response to .ep/ addresses.

Emails and their contents will be automatically deleted after 12 months but, in the meantime, we will examine expressions of interest for an appropriate profile whenever we are planning to engage a contract agent.
If any of these conditions pose a problem for you for data protection or other reasons, please do not send a CV to this address.


Documents required before a CONTRACT AGENT contract

For the list of documents required before you can be offered a contract, please click here.

Declaration of Confidentiality



Current Vacancies

All the conditions which must be met and all the documents you must provide when applying for these vacancies are specified in the Recruitment Notice itself. "Documents [or Forms] required before a contract" are NOT relevant at this stage.




2018-11-18 IRC 164656  Temporary Agent - Administrator advising on parliamentary business Grade AD 7


2018-06-11 : IRC 164561 Administrator - CS/EN languages - Grade AD 7 - Temporary agent, Policy officer


2018-09-07 : IRC 164317 Administrator - EN/FR languages - Grade AD 6 - Temporary agent, Policy officer

24/10/18 : This position has been filled. The procedure has been closed.


2018-04-13 : IRC 163617 Administrator - EN/FR languages - Grade AD 5 - Temporary agent, Policy officer

28/05/18: All candidates selected for the interviews/tests have been notified. Selection for interviews will take place on 21 June in the Group's offices in the EP in Brussels.

05/07/18 : This position has been filled. The procedure has been closed.


2017-08-29 : IRC 162569 Policy attaché - FR/EN language - Grade AST 4 - Temporary agent, indefinite contract

24/01/18: Selection for interviews will take place on 1 February. All candidates will be notified by 5 February. Interviews and tests will take place on 26 February in the Group's offices in the EP in Brussels.

05/03/18 : This position has been filled. The procedure has been closed.

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